Girls in ZET Kayaks,

we are more then happy to present our new team members,  Anne Hubner  from Germany and Nikky Kelly from New Zealand.

Anne Hubner

Let´s  look closer to Anne Hubner today.

Anne is one of the top female paddlers. She has won almost all big extreme races in Europe. Anne has gone to a trip around America, started it in the U.S. and went through Mexico down to South America, to Chile. We asked her few questions just before she left Europe.

Tell us briefly about your paddling highlights during last few years.

During last few years I spent every year more and more time by kayaking. I travelled around the world making kayak trips in Europe, New Zealand and the southeast of the United States. Europe´s highlights were every year´s Corsica, Ticino and Piedmont with their beautiful colored water and sceneries. But also New Zealand´s rivers in between the wilderness are deeply impressive. This year in February I went kayaking to Galicia and Portugal. It was a breathtaking alternative compared to those who stayed at home in winter.

Why did you decide to join ZET Team?

I was looking for a new boat and tested a lot. My intention was to get a very fast boat that is easy to control in every situation on the water. Additionally I was looking for a boat with good and strong material that will not break during a long kayak trip. Finally I found Raptor and I was really inspired by this boat. So I´m pretty happy to get Raptor for me!

What do you plan next year?

My next plan is a five month trip during the european winter period. My first destination is the southeast of the United States, where one of the most famous extreme kayak races takes place at the first weekend in November. After competing there I´ll go to Mexico and finally to Chile from December till March.

My creek boating plans for the 2011 season are Corsica, Ticino and Piedmont in the spring season. Maybe I´ll go to the Teva Mountain Games in Vail and spend few weeks in California. Next  summer I really want to make it to Norway because I haven´t been there for kayaking yet.

Besides creek boating we have the freestyle worlds in Plattling, Germany next year, so I´ll try to make it into the team and compete there. Next winter season is far away now but rough plans are to do a trip to Zambezi in November.

So, lot of plans, hope I´ll get most of this done.

...some other message to the WW community...?

Have fun wherever you paddle! Keep smiling whenever you paddle!

Thanks Anne