Vit Přindiš - overall Slalom World Cup winner

“The initial impression is that the boat is very “alive”. It responds well to the paddle and changes direction easily to give a dynamic ride. The boat accelerates and gains speed with the first strokes, but it does need active paddling and, therefore, would be recommended for competent paddlers.

I have never paddled a plastic boat that is so easy to change direction. Ripping into eddies with a good edge and speed the boat carves and behaves like a slalom kayak, dynamically taking an eddy. I think this boat would be super fun for kayak cross, fun slalom and competition in general. I couldn’t get it to make a perfect boof – but that is hard on a slalom course!  

This is going to be a great kayak for technical creeks and medium volume rivers where you need fast changes of direction and to accelerate for drops or holes.”

Michal Buchtel - TOP white water Extreme racer and slalom paddler

“The FIVE is one of the coolest kayaks I have paddled. It drives forward perfectly and is super sharp from eddy to eddy. I can’t wait to try it on hard rivers.” 

 Lee Royle - Extreme and Expedition paddler

“The FIVE is an aggressive boat that goes fast and holds its speed well. It’s an aggressive boat, but the size means that I can still turn it around when it’s going fast, and the round edges don’t catch when making the boat go where it doesn’t want to go.

This is one of the only boats I’ve had where I haven’t needed to raise the seat up straight away. It’s significantly lighter than the Toro too, which is great for smaller people carrying it. 

Overall, I would be happy to take it on any river. I think it will handle really well on harder water, and it’s still fun on the smaller UK whitewater. I can’t wait to take it on a bit summer trip!”