Greenland expedition

by Edu Sola

Last summer a group of four Spanish paddlers went to Greenland for some expedition kayaking. Only few groups of kayakers had been there before, that´s why most of the rivers of this great island are already unexplored.

The biggest accomplishment of the trip was, for sure the exploration of the Kurssuaq River. This river flows from the Ice Camp to the sea, making in his way around 100 km of nice white-water.

Sailing inside the Fjord

After that, starting on the end of the fjord, we walked up the valley, all the way up to the Ice Camp. This part was hard, because we had to carry our heavy kayaks loaded with food, the tent and all the staff.  We took 5 days to reach the highest lake, the source of the Kurssuaq.

After that, the fun started!! We started paddling, that feeling was awesome. We crossed the lake and soon the river sourced as a small creek.   

Suddenly one of the shores turns into ice!!

But soon, the river starts getting bigger because of some tributaries coming from the Inlandis. Suddenly, the river makes a turn and it flows for a while right beside the huge wall of ice of the Ice-Camp

Paddling so close to that huge amount of ice was quite scary, but at the same tame was so awesome. It made you feel so insignificant. In this moment you really notice the power of the nature.

You are so small near to this wonder.

After this unforgettable experience, we start with the main section of the river. The first day we had to cross some lakes and portage some monster un-runnable rapids and slides.

The second day was AWESOME!! We paddled down three class V gorges, with really long and power-full rapids. Paddling in your kayak full of staff, in 3ºC sandy waters was not an easy job, though.

The following days were really nice. Paddling the best white-water ever, surrounded by a unique landscape and by the wilderness of Greenland and sharing it with a sick crew.

Edu Sola and his mate Aitor Goikoetxea decided to choose the Kayak Zet TORO for this adventure. As they tell us, this kayak fits perfectly the mission, because of different facts:

  • Big volume and simple outfit, perfect for loading staff inside.
  • It is really fast and responsive, making navigation in a big-water river so easy.
  • Big Rocker, that makes you fly above every whole and boiler.

We made all the way down to the sea with no accidents, discovering this diamond that Greenland was hiding us. I’m sure that there are a lot of rivers like this on the earth, waiting for some brave kayakers to dance with!!

In this video edited by Mikel Sarasola you can see some more images about Kurssuaq: